Urine Alcohol Tests

Onsite Urine Alcohol Test

nxstep-cup_alcoholUrine is the most effective specimen for alcohol testing when the purpose of testing is to demonstrate that alcohol consumption has occurred. Peak urine alcohol levels occur about 1 hour after alcohol ingestion, when urine alcohol levels are typically 1.3 times greater than the corresponding blood alcohol concentration (BAC). This ratio is only valid during the elimination phase, which occurs after the blood alcohol level has peaked and is decreasing. Alcohol may be detected in the urine for 1 to 2 hours longer than it is detected in the blood.

A sample with a negative result for alcohol shows no change from the original light yellow color on the test strip pad. Urine with alcohol at specific levels will be indicated on the test strip pad according to the color on the easy-to-read color chart.

alcohol-color-chartNote: A saliva alcohol test is available in the DrugCheck SalivaScan. Forensic use only.

Urine alcohol is for forensic use